We minister to the indigenous Aeta people of Bataan. 

Spread the Good News- Church Development - Bringing Joy to Children - Give to the Needy a helping hand

Our Lord did put His love for the Aeta people in our hearts and therefore we minister to the Aeta people in Bataan since 2014 and we love to support them spiritually and practically.​

The OnCalvary Team could plant in 2015 a church in Abucay. The team could develpoe the church for three years. Today is the local Pastor Alfred Reyes and Pastor Mario Prudenciado leading the church in Abucay, in teamwork with the OnCalvary Team.

We venture continuing mission trips to spread the good news, to edify the church in their faith , and to give the needy a helping hand.

Who are the Aeta People?

The Aeta communities belong to the Negritos ethnic group. Their tribe can be traced in the settlement of the first Filipinos or inhabitants of the Philippines. The Aeta people are distinguished from other Filipinos through their dark skin, curly hair, and small body height. They have their own religion with their gods and superstition. These indigenous people have also a particular bond to nature. The jungle in the mountains is their farm and they have the ability to survive in the deep jungle.​​​​​

Today many learned to live in permanent settlements and many churches could reach them. Most of the Aeta people are living from hunting, fishing, and farming. They’re selling bamboo, coals, fish, lobster, honey, and fruits to the lowlander. The Aeta people have their own language, but they communicate with the lowlanders and outsiders in Tagalog (Filipino). These peaceful nature people are extremely shy and they have quite difficulties to assimilate to the modern world. They live in solitude regions like social outsiders and try to help themselves. They are always more and more confronted with the modern world. They are in need of help!