Frequently Asked Questions

What are the visa requirements for the Philippines?

Swiss, Germans and USA citizen receive 1 month free visa by their entrance. For a visa extention is a payment required. 

What kind of vaccinations are required?

You have to get information about the actual vaccination requirement at the responsible department. 

When is my arrival?

We will manage with you together an individual arrival day. Within November until June. 

Which is my arrival and departure airport in the Philippines?

We recommend the International Clark Airport. It will take you about a 4 hour bus ride to Baguio City.

Who will meet me when I arrive in Baguio?

No matter when you will reach Baguio. We will be there to greet you. You have to send us by email your itirenary with all flight datas. Your bus arrival will be communicated by cell phone (sms).

What shall I pack in my baggage?

You are going to receive a baggage check list after your completed application.

Is there a refund for personal stolen, or damaged items?

Therer is no refund for stolen or dameged items. You are resposible for your belongings. 

What is the refund by cancellation of early departure?

The financial refund by cancellation before arrival is 30% from the agreed Vida Tour amount. There is no financial refund by cancellation during the Vida Tour.

How much pocket money do I need?

We recommend about $ 250.-