Vida Tour Philippines

Short-Term Assignment

Come and bring the Love and Joy of Jesus to the indigenous Aeta People

12 Days

Are you ready to serve God in another culture?

Would you like to gather unforgettable experiences?

We proclaim the Good News among the Aeta people. We bring joy to the the children and give the needy a helping hand.


Three days of preparation in Baguio City

You are going to meet the missionary couple Andreas & Carmela in Baguio City. They will lead you into your ministry. Then you are going to be part of the children & youth team. Baguio City is about 1500 meter over sea level. The mild climate and the natural surroundings provides an optimal baseline to prepare the mission assignment. 

Seven days Mission Trips 

After 3 days of preparing, we are traveling from Baguio to Subic Bay, where we will quarter.  From there we are going to venture daily mission trips to Bataan. The peninsula Bataan is decorated with two mountain ranges and some beautiful beaches. The Aeta people are living in the mountain region around Bataan. We will visit daily different Aeta communities.

Two days Retreat

After seven intensive days with many impressions and experinces, you can take two days rest before you go back home. But maybe you have an additional travel plan? Perhaps you like to spend more time in Subic or in Baguio? Perhaps you like to visit another place in the Philippines? Whatever your plan may be, we will support you with advice and our available possibilities. 

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