We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone

You can be a great help with monthly $ 20.-

These people below are in need of support, so that they can be again a support others.

These chosen persons receive the full donated amount.

Pastor Mario

Pastor Mario lives and works in Bataan. Pastor Alfred from our partner church (Truth of Life) prepared Pastor Mario for his ministry in Abucay.

Marioa is leading as volunteer the Sunday service at the Aeta church in Abucay. He is also developing a worship team and giving some church members guitar lessons. We pray that Mario receives support for his valuable ministry, so that the Aeta ministry in Abucay can grow progressive and sustaining.  

Lito & Mirna

The Aeta couple Lito & Myrna gave their property for the Chapel in Abucay. Lito & Myrna have a great heart to help others. They have nine children and four of them are still in the school. Lito & Myrna have an open door for their grand children and others. The couple doesn`t have any fulltime job, they keep financially up with some temporary work and so all their kids who are in the age to work. Lito is church Elder and responsible for the maintanance of the chapel. He has also the duty to gather the people for Sunday service and to help in all church activities. Unfortunately, there is not enough income for electricity, medications, school support, and so forth. Lito & Myrna are in need of support!


The Aeta student Micaella from our Abucay church, is a gifted and diligent student. She is the daughter of Elder Bilyot who passed away in 2017. Micaella became a diligent church helper and she is also active in the worship team. For the reason of her surpassing school grades, she is receiving school support from the goverment. Her widow mother can get some temporary work to feed Micaella and her younger brother, but it is not sufficient for the allowance for transportation, lunch packet, school supply, school projects, and so forth. They live indeed in poverty and are in need of support. We know Micaella as a loving, reliable, and diligent girl and we pray that she will receive support, which is helping her to get an education and a good job. 

Julie & Kings

The Aeta couple Kings & Julie have six children and they are all still in school. The family is living in a small Aeta community in Bagac Bataan. The family can keep up financially with some temporary work. Unfortunately, there is not enogh income for sufficient rice, electricity, medications, school support. The family is living in poverty and they are in need of support!

Pastor Alfred

Pastor Alfred and wife Judie established the - Truth and Life Church - in Pillar Bataan. They support the rural pastors with a theological study from the Baptist church. They work since 2018 with us together as ministry partners. They took the pastoral leading of the Aeta church in Abucay and led Pastor Marion into the Pastor Ministry in Abucay. Pastor Alfred is leading the implemation of our Aeta Outreach projects. We desire to support his ministry financially. Nit only to cover incoming expences, but also for the appreciation of his valuable and faithful teamwork. Pastor Alfred, his family, and church can well need every support. 

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